About Us at FindAnyFloor.com®

FindAnyFloor.com® was created by former flooring professionals. After years of hearing customers comment about the lack of consistent and detailed flooring information available on the internet, we decided to create what the customer thought was missing. Our site is designed to bring flooring customers and flooring professionals together into one central interactive community.

We aim to provide our visitors with credible, unbiased and in–depth information on flooring products, industry trends and industry professionals. If it has to do with flooring, we want you to know about it. At FindAnyFloor.com®, "We've got flooring covered."

The site features flooring forums, blogs, newsletters, and other interactive tools designed to provide you the opportunity to share or gather information as needed. This is all provided free of charge without necessary memberships, associations or affiliations.

Our Executive Staff

  • Damien Patton
    Founder & CEO

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    Damien bring s a vast array of experience to his latest venture, FindAnyFloor.com. Previously, Damien created and managed Pacific Imports International (PII), a premier hardwood flooring operation in Hawaii. PII started as a distributor and retailer of hardwood and bamboo flooring and expanded its footprint into a contract manufacturer with offices in Hawaii and China.

    After years of hearing customers comment about the lack of consistent and detailed flooring information available on the internet, he decided to create what the customer thought was missing and FindAnyFloor.com™ was born.

    Damien graduated magna cum laude from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a B.S. in Finance, and, at only age thirty–five, he has achieved excellence in several industries. Damien has owned and operated several successful businesses in the construction industry and consulting field. After serving in the military during Desert Storm, Damien had a successful career in NASCAR. Besides being Jack man for the pit crews of several NASCAR teams, he was the Chief Mechanic for the Lowe's Racing Team. To add to his endeavors, he also served as a Crime Scene Investigator in Davidson, North Carolina, while working full time in a management role for a technology company.
  • Ryan Johnson
    VP of Internet Marketing

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    Ryan has been on board the FindAnyFloor.com team since day one. He currently leads the Internet Marketing department as well as heads the customer relations team. Ryan brings many years of experience in the industries of Internet marketing, finance/accounting, and financial services. Before he came to FindAnyFloor.com, Ryan was the Vice President of an Internet marketing company that specialized in SEO/SEM for many top law firms around the country.

    Ryan graduated from Albion College with a B.A. in Economics and Management. With an MBA in Executive Management from Colorado Technical University, Ryan has years of success as an executive in finance, online marketing, and client relations. He also is the President of the Board of Directors for Sigma Nu Housing Corporation at his alma mater.
  • Jennifer Peck
    Director of Sales and Business Development

    Jennifer is one of the original founding employees at FindAnyFloor.com. In addition to heading the sales and business development department, Jennifer has been instrumental in the success of FindAnyFloor.com in many other areas. Her ability to quickly acquire and apply new skills has made her one of our most valued assets. When it comes to multi-tasking at FAF, Jennifer has it down to a science. Everyday she can be found working on SEO, website analysis, writing blogs and articles and more; all in addition to directing the sales and marketing staff.

    Jennifer is a graduate from Hope College in Michigan and originally hails from New York.
  • John Alexander
    Sr. New Media Specialist

    John brings over 10 years of experience designing for the web. John's forte is in developing and implementing 3–D modeling and animation as well as multi–media including flash and video. He developed and implemented demonstration and do–it–yourself aids, room creation and online estimation utilities for FindAnyFloor.com™. To add to his distinctions, he was the lead designer for Pegasus® which was the first unmanned sub–orbital launch vehicle. For their efforts, he and his team received the Presidential Award for Technical Achievement by President Bush.
  • Nikolai Zavadsky
    Sales and Marketing Training Consultant

    Nikolai Zavadsky is recognized in the top 1% of Dale Carnegie's 5000 instructors globally. With Nikolai's guidance and expertise, we have developed a training manual tailored specifically to the flooring industry. Whether you are a sales person in a retail store or an installer selling your services, this training will help grow and develop your business taking it to new heights. Nikolai's training is second to none and we are proud to bring a sales and training manual of this caliber to the flooring industry.


As flooring professionals, we also realized the internet lacked a social community for flooring professionals. With that in mind, Pro.FindAnyFloor.com™ was created. While most flooring professionals only gather a few times a year at various trade shows and conventions, we offer professionals the opportunity to stay connected on a daily basis. We encourage pros to connect through our forums to share tips, ideas, or to exchange referrals to build business.


Just as society is becoming more and more eco–conscious, so is the flooring community. We created Green.FindAnyFloor.com™ to assist those seeking environmentally friendly flooring options. Green.FindAnyFloor.com™ is dedicated to the world of eco–friendly flooring. Going green doesn't mean compromising. In fact some of the most beautiful floors are in fact eco–friendly. Interested in communicating with others who share your interests in sustainable living? Find these eco–friendly options and more by visiting Green.FindAnyFloor.com™.

FindAnyFloor.com® is reviewed daily to ensure accuracy and is committed to providing an accessible site for all visitors.