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Carpet Flooring Buying Guide

At, we have developed flooring buying guides to assist in making your decision a little easier. Our flooring professionals, who include certified installers and retail flooring sales managers from across the country, have contributed to these guides to help ensure that your flooring experience, from selecting and purchasing, to installation and maintenance, is a seamless one.

This guide will assist you with carpeting terms, types, and things to consider which can help you choose the right floor for your living environment. Convenient checklists and worksheets are also provided as guidance while you read through our Carpet Buying Guide for gathering information specific to your project.

Using This Buying Guide
To navigate through the Buying Guide, click "next" at the bottom of each page or use the tabs at the top of the section. For your convenience, you also have the option to print the complete Carpet Buying Guide as well as our helpful checklists and worksheets.

Topics in this Guide

Carpet Flooring Basics

As you begin to plan your new carpet project, this section provides carpet details and terminology and things to consider before selecting and installing carpet in your home.

  • About Carpet
  • Your Environment
  • Room-by-Room Practicality
  • Lifestyle Factors
  • Basic Care

Questions to Ask

We've developed a list of questions to ask yourself before you start shopping for new carpet flooring. Take advantage of our convenient, printable worksheets to help organize information on your home which will be helpful when you meet with a flooring sales or installation professional.

Types of Carpet (Fibers and Style)

Do you want nylon or polypropylene carpet? Loop or twist construction? Is Berber a fiber or a style? Different fibers and styles can make a difference in a carpet's performance. We'll provide the information you need to know to ensure you select the best carpet type for your needs.


What you put underneath your carpet can be just as important as the carpet itself. This section will introduce you to carpet padding, the most important accessory for your carpet project, and explain the different types of padding available.

Installation Questions

Here you will find things to consider and questions to ask, whether hiring a professional or choosing a "do-it-yourself" installation.

  • Professional Installer vs. "Do-It-Yourself"
  • Helpful Tips
  • Installation Questions

Where to Buy?

Learn about important differences between buying your carpeting from a local retailer versus from an online retailer.


We'll help you understand what contributes to the price of carpet and why certain fibers or styles will affect pricing.


This handy checklist will ensure you ask all the right questions when speaking with a flooring retailer or installer.

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