Care and Maintenance

FAQ QuestionHow do I clean and maintain my concrete floor?
FAQ Answer

• Sweep or vacuum the surface frequently.
• Wipe up any spills as soon as possible to avoid staining or damage.
• Mop when needed with water and a solution recommended for concrete flooring. Always thoroughly clean any residue from cleaning solutions off the surface.
• Never use anything that contains bleach, or is acid-based, abrasive, or harsh.
• Some concrete surfaces can be resealed or re-polished from time to time to make them look like new again.
• Protect your floor from scratching by using protective coverings on furniture legs.
• Never drag heavy objects across the floor.
• Use a rug or mat to collect dirt, debris, and liquid, as well as to protect high traffic areas.


FAQ QuestionWhy do some concrete floors develop dust or chalk on the surface?
FAQ Answer

This is called dusting and is caused by a weak wear layer. Often this is due to bleed water being left on the surface or troweled back on during finishing. The surface layer fails to completely cure, causing a soft surface which can flake or become dusty. It can also be caused by wind, rain, snow, excessive heat, or carbon dioxide produced from heaters or engines coming in contact with the surface.