Floor Buying Guide Checklist

We know that trying to choose the perfect floors for your home can be a daunting task. To make your life a little easier, we've compiled a number of checklists to assist you as you shop for the floor of your dreams. With our easy to follow flooring checklists, you'll know what questions to ask, what points to consider, and how best to talk to your flooring specialist to ensure you choose the correct flooring for you and your home.

We have checklists for almost every type of flooring available. Print one out now and give yourself more confidence as you make your flooring selection. Trust us, you'll thank yourself later.

These checklists can be found in every floor buying guide we offer, but are also posted here for your printing convenience.

Select from the Buying Guide Checklists below by Flooring Type

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Buying Guide Checklist descriptions by Flooring Type


Refer to our bamboo buying guide checklist in order to learn about colors, grades and bamboo flooring installation options. We've listed all of the important questions you should ask when purchasing bamboo floors, so you don't miss a thing! Use our buyers checklist to ask your bamboo flooring salesperson questions on everything from the type of glue used to how many times the floor can be refinished.


Print out our carpet buyers checklist and keep it on hand when purchasing carpet floors. Our checklists come complete with all of the questions you need to ask your flooring professional. They can also help you sort through the wide range of carpet types, and determine whether you should install the carpet yourself or hire an installation professional. Use our carpet buyers checklist to buy the perfect carpet to fit your needs.


Our concrete buyers checklist can help you discover the different looks you can achieve with concrete floors, as well as the key points to consider before purchasing. Also, see the three questions you should ask when it comes time to buy your concrete flooring from a floor specialist. Print out the flooring checklist and take it with you when it's time to buy.


Buyers who are crazy about cork will appreciate the help that our cork floor buyers checklist can offer. Virtually every question you need to ask your flooring professional is addressed on our buyers checklist. Check off each item as you zero in on the exact cork flooring that's right for you. Just by following our checklist, you'll discover what cork floor type is right for your home and have more confidence in your purchase.


With our hardwood flooring buyers checklist, finding the right hardwood is not a difficult task. Discover what hardwood floor type is ideal for your living space and whether you want to hire a professional installer or do it yourself. Our buyers checklist covers everything from grades and finishes to warranties and much more. Purchasing a new hardwood floor involves a substantial outlay. Print out our checklist and take it with you while you shop around.


Use our laminate buyers checklist to find everything you need to know when buying laminate flooring. Our checklist can clue you in on important factors such as the ideal abrasion class (AC) rating that you should consider before purchasing. Make sure you've addressed each question before moving on to the next, and discover the laminate floor type that's best suited for your home.


If you're thinking about purchasing linoleum floors but don't know where to begin, this linoleum flooring buyers checklist will guide you in the right direction. Just by asking a few simple questions, you'll be able to decide upon the best linoleum floor for your living space. The checklist is a step–by–step process to help you buy your linoleum flooring with confidence. For further assistance, print or read our Linoleum Buyers Guide online for all of your linoleum needs.


Use our stone buyers checklist to learn about the various types and finishes to choose for your ideal stone flooring. Our checklist also includes the right questions to ask your local professionals before purchasing your new floor. There's more to stone than you might think, so understanding types and characteristics is important. Start here with our comprehensive stone flooring buyers checklist. You can even print it out and take it with you when it's time to browse or buy!


Read about tile grades and how to find the best tile floors for your home with this tile buyers checklist. This comprehensive checklist can help you get familiar with tile grades, glues, mortars and the peculiarities of your home prior to purchase. Buying tile flooring can be a big undertaking, so using a simple flooring checklist can remove a lot of the risk and worry. When you're looking around, or about to buy, you can even print it out and take it with you.


Our vinyl buyers guide is a great aid for those who are vexed about all of the different vinyl options. Refer to this checklist and our Vinyl Buying Guide when shopping for the perfect vinyl floor surface for your home. We've included everything from vinyl floor options, durability and even life expectancy. Check off each factor as you go – the end result will be a happier purchasing experience and the perfect vinyl flooring for your home.