How To Guides for Flooring Installation

Do–It–Yourself Flooring Installation Instructions

Our Do–It–Yourself (DIY) flooring installation instructions are the ultimate online How To Guides for your flooring project.

These installation guides, created by a large group of licensed flooring professionals, provide step–by–step instructions from the purchase of material and installation tools all the way to final touch–ups. With help from our detailed manuals, novice installers can avoid common costly mistakes and flooring pitfalls.

For the more savvy and experienced flooring installers, we've even added a quick reference guide for each floor installation section so that you can jump right to the main course! Best of all, our How To Guides are print–friendly for on–the–job use.

It's important that flooring is installed correctly to ensure long–term effectiveness. If you decide that DIY is not for you, always make sure you choose a qualified, licensed flooring installer. Use our Find It Locally search directory to find a flooring installer in your area.

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Installation Guide Descriptions by Flooring Type


Our bamboo floor installation guide contains step–by–step instructions that can direct you through the entire process of installing bamboo flooring. We have both a Quick Guide and Complete Installation Instructions to help you install your new bamboo floors. Download these free do–it–yourself guides – or read the Quick Guide online – and you'll be on your way.


Our carpet installation guide can help you lay carpeting in your home correctly. We have do–it–yourself guides for both the novice and experienced carpet installer. Get familiar with the various carpet laying methods and do the job effectively. You can read our Quick DIY Carpet Guide online or download our Complete Installation Instructions for free. It's a smart move before you lay your new carpet.


Installing cork floors can be a good option for homeowners who desire a resilient and natural surface. Cork floor installation can be an enjoyable experience when you have guidance from a trained professional. Both our quick and comprehensive cork flooring installation guides are tailored to suit your level of expertise. Use one of these do–it–yourself floor guides when addressing every part of the cork installation process. In no time you can be installing your cork floors just like a pro!


Make the hardwood flooring installation process a little less stressful by referring to our comprehensive, print–friendly hardwood installation guide. Before you install your hardwood floor, you can read the guide online or download it in Quick Guide or Full Guide form. Preparation, tools and materials, tips and tricks – everything you need for a great do–it–yourself experience. Your questions about installing hardwood flooring will be answered right in one place.


Our laminate flooring installation guide offers helpful tips for preparing the subfloor, as well as step–by–step instructions for installing all laminate floor types. Get the lowdown on the glued floating and the glueless floating laminate installation methods, as well as plenty of DIY installation tips and tricks. Download the installation guide or read it online. It answers the most commonly asked questions when it comes to installing laminate floors.


Our linoleum flooring installation guide shows you how to properly install linoleum floors in your home. Whether you are installing sheet, tile, or floating (click–lock) linoleum, the answers are right here – ready to download or read online. Overall, the linoleum install guide is a great do–it–yourself tool. So if you have any questions about laying linoleum flooring, you’ve come to the right place.


Rubber floors offer resiliency and durability, in addition to a wide range of colors and designs. Install rubber flooring in your home and enjoy a surface that's resistant to water and common household allergens. With the right tools and one of our detailed do–it–yourself rubber floor installation guides, you and your family can enjoy the many benefits of rubber in no time. We feature both a quick and complete how–to–install rubber flooring guide that's customized to your individual skill level.


Want stone flooring in your home and want to install it yourself? Use our comprehensive stone flooring installation guide for all of your stone floor do–it–yourself needs. We've made sure to include all the tools and materials you're going to need to get the job done right. Read our guide online or download it for great DIY stone installation information.


Use our tile installation guide for everything related to tile floor installation, including tools you'll need and how to prepare the subfloor. Taking the DIY tile route is as easy as reading from our website or downloading the information. We also walk you through applying mortar and grout, as well as doing the tricky places like laying tile floors on stairs and around fireplaces. This is a great do–it–yourself guide!


Want your new vinyl floor to be a do–it–yourself experience? We offer both concise and detailed vinyl installation guides for the experienced and novice installer respectively. You can download the guides or read them online. We look at the three installation methods according to the type of vinyl flooring used. A successful DIY installation needs to begin with the right information. You'll find it here.