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For centuries, hardwood flooring has always been the standard of beauty and elegance. It provides comfort during cold winters and remain cool during hot summers. Hardwood floors give a home a very warm and cozy feel and are timeless and elegant. ...<more about The Beauty that is Hardwood>
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Compared to hardwood, laminate flooring offers certain advantages like lower costs, a wider range to choose from - colors, patterns and finishes in terms of design and thickness, moisture resistance and abrasion class in terms of structure. Laminate...<more about How to Get The Perfect Laminate Floor For Your Home>
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Flooring, Molding, Roofing, Decking and outdoor patio furniture are amongst some of the wood products out there that are constantly being plundered by storms, rain and severe weather. Even common indoor furniture like dining room tables and cabinets...<more about Durable, Eco-Friendly Wood>
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Flooring is one of the main features of any home and if you want your home to make a statement, choose your floors carefully. Flooring should last a very long time so be sure to choose something you will love for many years to come. Because cost is...<more about Planning Your New Floor>
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Every home with more than a single story will have a staircase where the width, height and configuration will vary according to the building design. Staircases have various flooring options. Your decision on what to select should be governed by their...<more about Staircase Flooring Options>