How To Use Our Site™ is divided into easy–to–navigate sections. Our goal: to best meet the needs of consumers and professionals by providing an immediate and comprehensive service on everything from floor materials to installation. By using our site, flooring consumers can find qualified local flooring professionals, obtain discount coupons, and most importantly, access comprehensive flooring information, tips and helpful hints on flooring and flooring&related topics.

Below is a detailed list of all of the main sections of™.

Find It Locally

Use our search directory to locate flooring retailers, installers, and cleaners in your area.

How to get started: click on the Find it Locally search tab, enter your zip code, and click the "Go" button. Within seconds you'll receive a list of local qualified flooring professionals. Use the Advanced Search button to narrow your search results by flooring type, a larger search radius, or services offered.

Flooring Types

Our Flooring Types sections offer in&depth information that can help you make an informed decision on the floor that's right for you. Some of the topics featured include; how it's made, care and maintenance tips, installation instructions, and photo galleries featuring numerous professional images. We've placed links and tabs at the top of each flooring section to make navigating simple and efficient.

Friendly Flooring

Whether you live with pets, children, allergies, or a difficult climate, finding the best floor for your environment is only a click away! We also have an entire section dedicated to those with special needs and accessibility concerns.


Interested in a specific manufacturer or want to know who makes a certain product? We showcase flooring manufacturers and the products that they produce.

Discounts & Coupons

Many of the flooring retailers and professionals on™ offer their customers discount coupons. Input your zip code to discover which local flooring professionals currently have the best deals. Just point, click and print, and you are on your way to savings!

Flooring How To Guides: Installation

Individuals who like to take care of their own home repair and refurbishments will find this section extremely useful. We offer two sets of flooring installation instructions for each type of flooring; a short guide for the savvy builder, and a more comprehensive step&by&step guide to assist novice installers.

Flooring Estimator Tools

Use our flooring estimator tools to assist in calculating the amount of material needed for your flooring project. We have two online flooring tools to help you. We offer a basic estimator for those users with slower internet connections and accessibility needs, as well as an advanced estimator built in Adobe Flash.

Buyers Guides Checklists

In order to make your shopping experience easier, we've created a buying guide and checklist for each floor type featured on our site. These guides will assist you when purchasing your flooring material or hiring a professional installer. The checklists are printable to one page for your shopping convenience.

News and Articles

The News and Article section of™ will keep you up to date with flooring techniques, products, facts, tips and more. This information is generated by industry professionals who are well equipped to provide detailed and accurate flooring related information to consumers and fellow flooring professionals.


Share thoughts, ideas, and suggestions with other members in the flooring community by blogging on our site. We presently offer four (4) separate blogs where homeowners and flooring professionals can share their experiences and exchange information.

Blogs We Feature:

  • Flooring Site & general flooring news and answers to questions
  • Pro Blog & the "by pros for pros" blog for flooring professionals
  • Green Blog & eco–friendly flooring
  • FAF Blog & recent and upcoming developments on™.


Our forums are a great interactive tool. They allow you to connect with other site visitors, whether you are shopping for floors, gathering information, or are a flooring professional. This is the place to go to share information, gather facts and opinions or start your own topic.


Our Help section will assist with answering questions on how to use our site. If you are unable to find the help you need, contact the's™ team via email (Contact Us) for further information.

Flooring Professionals

While™ is a place for both consumers and flooring professionals, we have created a site for pros, by pros. is dedicated to providing flooring professionals with valuable tools and resources to help increase business and enhance customer service. Whether you are looking to network with other professionals, refine or refresh your own skills, or looking to increase productivity of your staff, will help you take your business to the next level.

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