Durable, Eco-Friendly Wood

Wednesday August 31, 2011
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Flooring, Molding, Roofing, Decking and outdoor patio furniture are amongst some of the wood products out there that are constantly being plundered by storms, rain and severe weather. Even common indoor furniture like dining room tables and cabinets are tortured with food stains and clumsy storage habits. For those who believe that paying a little more for durability is a bad idea, think again.

Durable wood products (i.e. Teak) are highly expensive, and certainly worth the investment for plenty of reasons. For starters, durable wood products will not weather or wear as quickly as standard. Additionally, durable wood products typically are more waterproof, and will not blend with rust or rot when joined with metal. In accordance, this yields low maintenance, translating to low costs. The only thing you might find yourself doing is re-staining or recoating every few years or so. But the one thing that most buyers of both indoor and outdoor wood products forget is the fact that their promoting sustainability by investing in high-quality products.

Today’s trend is to be environmental conscious when doing anything, particularly investing in a car or home. And it’s not always about the manufacturing processes and incorporating reclaimed wood products. Emphasis also needs to be geared toward making a strong, long-lasting product. Environmentalists would stress the importance of buying durable wood products that are capable of lasting a long time simply for the fact that there’s less waste and renewal. Herein lies the element of sustainability; a coffee table made from strong, durable wood will not have to be tossed every so often.

This is typically true for vintage furniture or décor. Anything wooden that’s labeled as durable is typically made from tropical hardwoods or grass, like bamboo. As mentioned previously, teak is amongst some of the most popular, and is used in modern day manufacturing.

There were a huge amount of these durable wood products used in Victorian hand-made furniture of the 19th century, much like the work of George Hunzinger. As popular as they were back then, they’re in even higher demand today as supply is scarce.

As we progress further into a green age, folks demand stronger wood products. Pessimists declare that these products are too expensive, but like anything else, the more you invest, the more you get out of what you’re buying. In today’s market, it’s tough to find quality at an affordable price, but when investing in outdoor wood products, it’s never a bad idea to reach deep into the piggy bank.

This article is courtesy of Douglas Elliman, New York Real Estate Agents.

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I am glad to visit this site and found a well-written and informative content on home improvements, redesigning and innovation work, this wood is good for flooring purpose, and I would love to use it in my house.
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