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Pathways in your home that connect rooms together.


A term that is used in context with how carpet or another flooring surface feels to the touch.

Hand Float

A small version of a bull float which is used along walls and in angles or tight spots to smooth wet concrete.

Hand Scraped

Hand-scraped wood is grooved or scraped by a machine or by hand to add texture and a unique feel to the surface of the floor.

Hand-Cut Random Rectangular Ashlar

An assortment of square and rectangular pieces of stone fit and cemented together.


A method used by artisans to create an ""aged"" look by creating character or depth on a wooden floor's surface; typically done by hand.

Hard-Troweled Finish

A flat, smooth, concrete surface finish that is made by using a steel bladed trowel.


The ability of a floor to withstand denting or marks under pressure.


The term actually does not correlate to the hardness of the wood, though hardwoods do tend to be denser and therefore sturdier than softwoods. The distinction involves how the plant reproduces. Hardwood trees are considered angiosperms, and produce seed


Stone that has an edge tooled to match the surface, used in corners, windows or any place where the side of the stone tile or slab will be seen.

Healthy Knot

A knot in wood which does not contain bark or rot.


The part of a stone fireplace where the logs are laid.

Hearth Stone

The stone or stones that make up the hearth itself and may extend to the front or sides of the fire chamber.


The wood found in the center of the tree that is more mature and usually darker and richer than the exterior wood.

Heat Setting

The process of using heat to set the pile in carpet which allows it to retain its twist or curl over time.

Heat Welding

A professional process of using heat and weld rods which are melted to bind together flooring at its seams.

Heavy Duty Tile

Tile that meets specific requirements which make it suitable for high traffic and commercial areas.

Heavy Streaks

Sufficient spots and streaks large enough to negatively affect the appearance of the wood.


Plank or strip wood floors that are installed in different symmetrical patterns, creating a unique design.

High Density Fiberboard

Also known as hardboard. HDF is a tremendously dense wood fiberboard that can be used as the central layer of engineered bamboo flooring to provide stability. It is the typical core layer for laminate flooring.

High Pressure Laminate Flooring

Laminate surface that is permanently bonded with high pressure to its core.

High Solid

A term used to describe liquid with a higher than average amount of solid ingredients.

High-Build Coating

A coating with a 10 mil or thicker film from one application.

High-Density Fiberboard (HDF)

A high-strength material made of very compact wood fibers and resins that is used in the cores of flooring. Its pressure is greater than 50 lbs. per cubic feet.

High-Density Fireboard (HDF)

A high-strength material made of very compact wood fibers and resins that is used in the cores of flooring.

High-Pressure Water Blasting

A method which involves spraying water at a very high pressure often used to clean or roughen a surface.

High-Volume Low-Pressure (HVLP) Sprayer

A device used to spray paint, finish, or other material at a low pressure and velocity which reduces overspray.

Home Entryway

The area where you enter your home. Often this is a pathway that leads to your door.


Flooring that is uniform in structure throughout the top layer and can be sanded and refinished, while veneer products should not be.

Honed Finish

A finishing layer of flooring which has a matte appearance and reflects less light then a polished floor.

Honey Combing

Checks that are usually found in the interior of a piece of wood along the wood rays.


A structure that has the appearance of a bee's honeycomb.

Hopper Gun

A device used to apply a coating on a flooring surface that uses an air compressor to shoot the product into the air which is drawn by gravity to the surface.

Horizontal Grain

Horizontal-grain, or flat-grain, is a wider cut of bamboo flooring allowing visible characteristic nodes, or ""knuckles"".

Hover Trowel

An electric powered trowel that was designed to be used for finishing cementious, epoxy, and polymer modified overlays.


A measuring of the amount of moisture in the air.


A chemical reaction where the compounds in cement bond with water molecules, causing the cementious materials to harden.


A device used to measure humidity of an area.


Refers to substances such as wood that absorb or expel moisture, making them expand and contract.


A term used to describe flooring that reduces allergic irritation.