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Laminate Flooring


Did you know?
  • The 1st laminate was Pergo.
  • "Pergo®" is not the same as "laminate".
  • Laminate is dent resistant.
  • Laminates are only as good as the base.
  • Green? Check glues & FSC* certification.
*Forest Stewardship Certified
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Want the high–end look of an expensive hardwood, stone or tile floor without the hefty price tag? Look no further than laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring allows floor buyers to have their cake and eat it too. Available in a variety of designs and colors that mimic much costlier floors, it is also a favorite of do–it–yourself flooring installers and is a breeze to clean and maintain. Take a spin around this Laminate Flooring section and find out why so many people in the market for new flooring are falling in love with laminate.

What is Laminate?

Imagine that money is no object; which type of flooring would you choose? Perhaps you're charmed by Chestnut or blown away by Brazilian Cherry. Maybe you're mad about Marble or think Granite is just great. For most of us, money usually is an object. Your flooring dreams don't have to vanish just because you discover the floor you want is much more than you budgeted; installing laminate may be a cost–effective solution for you.

Laminate is actually made using several layers of material, topped off with a high–quality picture of whatever flooring it is meant to imitate. That's right! If the flooring can be photographed, chances are a laminate version is available.

Laminate flooring is manufactured using one of two methods, direct or high pressure. The majority of laminate flooring is made with Direct Pressure (DPL), which is the more affordable of the two. High Pressure construction costs more to produce, but the result is a stronger and more durable floor that can stand up to heavier traffic.

For more information about the manufacturing process of laminate floors, check out our "How They're Made" tab at the top of the page. Navigate around the laminate flooring section using the other tabs above and the links along the left side of this page. Bookmark and visit us whenever you're looking for the most current, accurate information to meet your floor covering needs.

Leaning toward laminate flooring? Use our is laminate right for me section to get a quick look at how laminate lines up with other types of flooring.

Laminate Flooring Resources

Wondering if laminate floors are the right flooring choice for your home? To determine the suitability of this flooring product refer to the other laminate sections of® to learn about the history of laminate flooring; how laminate floors are manufactured; and whether you should hire an installation professional or do-it-yourself.

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Laminate Flooring Information | Help
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