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stone flooring

Did you know?
  • Stone is usually set in mortar.
  • Stone is grouted similar to ceramic tile.
  • External stone can be pressure washed.
  • Stone floors are great for high traffic.
  • With proper care stone lasts for life.
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If you're interested in flooring that's tough and timeless, a stone floor may be the choice for you. Stone floors are unmatched for adding beauty and elegance to a living space. In fact, installing stone flooring can increase the resale value of a home. Once reserved only for the very wealthy, today most floor buyers can find stone flooring that fits their tastes and budget.

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What is Stone?

Stone has literally been forming underground since the beginning of time. There are many varieties of stone used for flooring, and each has unique characteristics. Stone is like a fingerprint; even within a single variety, no slab of stone looks exactly like the next. If you're looking for a floor type with a unique pattern, stone might be a great option.

Marble and Granite are two popular types of stone flooring, but they are just the beginning of the available options. Choose Travertine, and you'll choose the same stone the Romans did when they built the Coliseum. Another beautiful option is Limestone. Limestone flooring is composed of sedimentary materials like coral and shells which add unique character to stone tiles. Because there are many choices in stone flooring, you may find you like several types. It's just a matter of finding the one you like most.

When selecting stone for your flooring project, consider the type of finish you would like the stone to have. Depending on the type of finish used, different looks can be achieved. For example, polishing reflects a floor's natural crystals, while an acid wash is the way to create a more rustic appearance. is the place to explore all of your stone flooring options. You'll find installation and buying guides, a glossary of stone flooring terms, frequently asked questions and more by using the tabs located at the top and along the left side of the page. We recognize your flooring project is important to you, which makes your flooring project important to us. We want you to be prepared with as much information as possible. Having all the information means fewer surprises, which can ensure that you are happy with your stone flooring for years to come.

Stone Flooring Resources

Wondering if stone floors are the right flooring option for your home? To determine the suitability of this flooring product refer to the other stone sections of® to learn about the history of this elegant flooring choice; how stone flooring is made; and whether you should hire a professional installer or do-it-yourself.

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